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Image: Sustainable and Responsible Investing


Sustainable and Responsible Investing

For over 40 years, Renalco has been providing customised wealth management solutions to its private clients both in Switzerland and internationally.

We are pleased to announce that as part of our ongoing search for investment opportunities to meet our clients’ evolving expectations, we are expanding our offering, for those interested, to include solutions and instruments aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability criteria.

In this perspective, Renalco has partnered with Kepler Cheuvreux Solutions to develop analyses and identify investment opportunities based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Investors interested in this topic can benefit from a methodology that provides a structured framework based on clearly defined sustainable development objectives. This methodology allows them to evaluate specific investment vehicles against these objectives.

Our focus is on preserving and enhancing your wealth whilst integrating the principles and values that matter to you.

The implementation of these products is based on several criteria, including:

  • Meeting Growing Investor Demand: Investors, whether high-net-worth individuals, financial institutions, or pension funds, increasingly prioritise ESG criteria in their investment decisions. This trend is driven by a growing awareness of environmental and social issues, as well as a desire to make positive contributions to the world while achieving financial returns.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Integrating ESG criteria allows for better assessment and management of a wide range of risks related to environmental, social, and governance factors. By identifying and incorporating these risks into the investment process, portfolio exposure to such risks can be reduced, leading to improved long-term performance.
  • Identifying Sustainable Investment Opportunities: Companies that adopt strong ESG practices are often well-positioned to capture long-term growth opportunities. By identifying and investing in these companies, attractive returns can be generated for clients while contributing to environmental and social objectives.
  • Compliance with Evolving Regulations: Responsible and sustainable investment regulations are rapidly evolving at both national and international levels. Integrating ESG criteria into portfolio management approaches ensures compliance with these ever-changing regulations.

For more information on our responsible investment approach, please visit our website (

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