Family Office Services

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Holistic Approach

Beyond our wealth management services we also provide, directly or through our extensive network of partners, a broad offering of family office services.

Renalco may also provide fully comprehensive reports and dashboards on the consolidated asset allocation and performance of the client’s overall assets.

Whether you require general administrative services, a delegate CIO, family office management or governance advice, setup and management of companies or charitable foundations, or other specialist services, Renalco is here to support you.

Administrative Support

Our back office team can efficiently manage various administrative tasks for you and your family.

This may include organising your usual payments, managing staff, negotiating and optimising insurance policies, preparing forecasts & budgets.

Renalco can also offer services in relation with personnel selection and recruitment, selection and application to private schools & universities and other related services our clients may require.

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Philantropy & Charitable Foundations

Renalco has the experience to advise you on the best suited structure to address your philanthropic ambitions.

We select the optimum setup to ensure your charitable objectives are adapted to the family’s composition and charitable focus changes.

Delegate CIO

Renalco offers its clients the possibility of externalising the Chief Investment Officer role.

Our highly qualified and experienced managers shall offer insights into investment and economic trends coupled with asset allocation expertise.

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Partnerships & Network

Through our close and historical relationship with the well established Geneva law firm Merkt & Partners, Renalco has developed privileged relations with prime specialists in the financial, legal and real estate fields.

Renalco can therefore also assist its clients in the following areas through its international network:

  • Legal matters, in particular estate planning through various vehicles such as family foundations, trusts, life insurance policies in various jurisdictions
  • Tax advisory services
  • Domiciliation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Other specialist services

Family Office Governance

Renalco supports its clients in the setup and / or operation of a family office governance framework to promote family unity, spirit of entrepreneurship and intergenerational transition.

Our experience and network of specialist partners ensures your requirements are fully understood and met.

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