Family office

The way you structure the detention of your assets is an essential dimension of the overall management of a family wealth.

We assist you in the overall organization of your assets and investments.  In close collaboration with a team of international legal and tax experts, we determine the best way to manage your assets in order to optimize protection, transmission and taxation.

We select the best managers in all kinds of potential asset classes (real estate, art, collectibles, private equity, hedge funds, equities, fixed income, liquidity) and question their results (return, volatility, tracking error) on a regular basis on behalf of the client. 

We have implemented and developed a software dedicated to the reconciliation and consolidation of all assets with which we can offer an analysis of global correlation and exposures (currency, equity, duration). 

Depending on its complexity, the coordination of family structure can be guided by a family Council. We help you to define the role and the prerogatives of its respective members.

Usually, the cost associated with the Family Office is recouped in a few years given the strict cost control that we are able implement and the inherent cost reductions.