Private wealth management

What principles are driving our investment approach ?

We strictly control our portfolios through a methodical and organized process of risk management. We do not accept any compromise on the quality of. We take care of the proper portfolio diversification and manage foreign exchange risks in a systematic way (forward hedging). We do not invest in things we don’t understand. We want to know each underlying investment exactly as if could invest 100% of our wealth in it.

What added value do we bring ?

Renalco offers a dynamic, rigorous proprietary process of tactical asset allocation, state-of-the arte manager selection services and a very good track record with capital preservation as a main objective. Our models of dynamic allocation and our network of fund managers make us much more nimble and open-minded.  

Avoiding conflicts of interest (we have no in-house "products" to sell to the client), we are totally independent and make sure our service is flawless, assuming the responsibility of management to the highest level.

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