Private wealth management

Renalco has been a pioneer in Geneva since the late 70’s to figure out the best possible solutions for European and Swiss-based families in order to manage their wealth according to their needs. In collaboration with the best money managers on the planet since its creation, Renalco has always targeted the preservation of the capital of its valued customers in any kind of political or market environment.

After having lived through the gold bubble, the crash of 1987, the Asian crisis, the dot-com bubble and the subprime crisis, Renalco has been always able to always keep calm without being affected by a scandal or an inappropriate choice of asset. Our excellent long term results have been the proof of our success, even though we never wanted to draw too much publicity and coverage to focus on a limited number of clients.

Each client is a partner. In fact, the relationship we have with our clients is of course based on discretion and a reciprocal confidence, which is expressed through a permanent and privileged dialogue and a careful analysis of needs. 

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